Clean Drinking Water On The Way For Seville, Construction Begins On Well

Relief is finally now in sight for the community of Seville in Tulare County and its water.For years, the small town has been plagued with contamination issues in its water.Thanks to 'The Valley Drought of 2014' and a last-minute deal between Tulare County and the state construction on a new well is now underway.Seville residents like Sally Kimble say there isn't any water to drink, much less cook with or bathe.However, Tulare County fronted $250,000 to start drilling a new well now.The state will repay the money back to the county, thanks to a grant for low-income communities with water contamination.Lee Clark with Water Dynamics, Inc. out of Fresno is overseeing the project.Clark says, "It's an old system it's done its job but it's definitely in need of some upgrades and that's what we are here for."After the new well is up and running, Tulare County also plans to install a new 15,000 gallon storage tank to help keep the water flowing, especially during peak hours.The new well should be up and running within two weeks.Kimble and others are counting the days.