City Says Crosswalk Where Boy Died Is Safe; Neighbors Disagree

It's been nearly four months since a 7-year-old boy was killed, while riding his bike in a northeast Fresno crosswalk.

People who live near the intersection of Millbrook and Shepherd say it is still a dangerous crosswalk and are wondering if anything is going to be done to make it safer.

But the city says, the crosswalk is safe the way it is.

There are signs and lights warning drivers of the crosswalk, but people who use it say it's still dangerous.

"It is really scary, cars come through here so fast, and it makes it hard to see when you're going that fast," said James Van Slyke, who runs on the trail near the crosswalk regularly.

"I think they need to add more lights. If there were more lights around here, and they lit the trail. I think it'd be much safer that way," said Van Slyke.

But Patrick Wiemiller, the city of Fresno's public utilities director says, "We haven't discovered anything we can do as far as improvements necessarily, there was nothing that could've been done to prevent that accident."

The city is planning to build an underground tunnel beneath the crosswalk - those plans were already in place before the deadly accident and the main purpose of it was to improve air quality.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of next year.

"There's no amount of design or maintenance that can overcome the hazards posed by a driver who is not fit to be driving," said Wiemiller.

City officials say, all the items at the memorial for Donavan at the crosswalk will not be destroyed or thrown out, they will all be stored away during construction.