City Of Fresno Has "Hands Off" Rule On Street Fighting

When a fight breaks out on the streets of Fresno do you get involved or stay away? Fresno city workers have orders to stay out of the fray. {}

On Thursday two girls were caught on video{}swapping punches and pulling hair after school{}on the streets of Fresno. The video is{}getting its share of attention on the Internet. There are spectators including two Fresno city workers. So why didn't they try to stop it?{}

A city spokesman says it boils down to a liability issue. City spokesperson Michael Lukens says, "The city of Fresno frowns upon its workers putting their hands on minors. While it does look bad, a whole host of problems could have ensued had they tried to intervene."

The parent who sent us the video says the girls fought twice and not one adult got involved. She called it "unbelievable."

Fresno Police told{}KMPH News, no one called them to report the fight. A spokesperson told us, "I don't show anything in our system with the names you gave me or with the variations of the call description."

It all boils down to liability. That's what keeps city workers from getting involved, especially when the warriors are under eighteen.