Citizens Arrest: Fresno Drivers Take Suspected Drunk Woman Off The Road

Two families driving in southeast Fresno on Tuesday made a citizen's arrest and took a suspected drunken driver off the road.{}

The families were driving along Temperance Avenue when they spotted a woman swerving her car on the road.

The woman missed striking one of the cars before she pulled over to the side of the road.

The concerned families pulled over behind her.

"We pulled over and right away we thought she was having a seizure but then when that lady opened the door, she smelled the alcohol on her," said Richard Inocencio.

The woman, however, wasn't sick. Inocencio said she appeared drunk.

When she tried to drive off, Inocencio put her car on park and took her keys.

California Highway patrol officers arrived shortly after.

They examined the car for evidence and found a bottle of vodka.

Officers arrested cuffed and arrested the woman on suspicion of drunk driving.