Church Thieves Steal Thousands In Clothes For Kids

When Oscar Sanchez opened the church's trailer Monday morning, it looked nothing like the way he'd left it.

"Almost 80% of what was in this container was stolen over the weekend," Sanchez said.

What was in there was a lot of stuff that makes a big difference.

"We provide clothing for children and young people for the new school year. We give them T-shirts, a new pair of jeans, new shoes, a backpack with all the supplies for the new school year," Sanchez said.

About 75,000 of stuff was ripped off by crooks without a conscience.

They cut the locks, rummaged through the trailer and left the mess for Oscar and his volunteers to clean up.

"I was shocked when we found it like this. We're trying to do something good for the migrant workers and their families and then to find the stuff here, that it was stolen, it was really heartbreaking. And I really felt a little down," Sanchez said.

In addition to feeding thousands of migrant families every summer, the California Southern Baptist Convention Church in Fresno buys new clothes for the kids as well.

"They're so excited every time they see us. They run to you. And they just can't wait to find out what do you have in the bag. And we're not sure what we're going to have," Brenda Erese, who volunteers for the church, said.

Without the community's help, it could be nothing.

"Our heart is broken. We're very sad, first of all because this is a year-long process; it's not something we just do over the summer. But I'm just thinking of the faces of those little ones when we are there," Erese said.

Obviously the church is in desperate need of donations.

But it's asking for money, because volunteers can buy things at a discount and get more.

If you'd like to donate, you can go to by clicking the "donate to migrant ministry" graphic.

Funds can be mailed to CSBC, 678 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno 93710. For more information, call (559) 229-9533.