Church Bake Sale Money Stolen During Selma Home Burglary

A Selma family is in tears after thieves broke into their home.

Among the things stolen?

Money raised by an 8-year-old girl in a church bake sale.

The thieves broke into the Selma house Monday afternoon by prying open a bathroom window, then they ransacked the entire house.

They went through every single drawer, including the drawer where 8-year-old Vanessa hid her money from the bake sales.

It was money that was going to be used to take their church youth group to see a Christian concert in Fresno next month.

"In our hearts we'd really love to go, but we live paycheck to paycheck and it's just really hard to do those types of events, so we decided we would talk about it early," said Lisa Delgado.

Their planning and hard work earned them $160.

Now it's gone, along with several other electronics including 18-year-old Marissa Delgado's graduation gift - a brand new laptop.

"I used that laptop for school and for church. I did power points of lyrics so the older people at church can see on the screen," said Marissa Delgado.

As for the culprits - Lisa thinks she knows who did it.

She snapped a photo of two homeless people she ran into in her back alley -she noticed they had some of the stolen items.

She called the cops, but by the time they got there the man was gone.

The woman was arrested.

But that's little comfort for this family.

"Can't even go to school and focus, I'm worried about what else they're taking from my room, what other memories are they going to take from us?" said Marissa.

One thing the thieves didn't rob them of - their faith.

They have hope that what was stolen from them, will one day be returned.

"We don't have very much, and what we have we work hard for," said Lisa.

She says when her husband called police to report the burglary, officers told him, his call was the 20th report of a break-in in the area of downtown Selma, just in the past week.

As for the Delgado kids and their youth group, they're still in shock someone would steal their hard earned money, and they're not sure how they'll get to their Winter Jam Christian concert in Fresno next month.