Christmas Tree Lane Takes Shape

Fresno's most famous Christmas tradition that dates back to 1920 is beginning to take shape on Van Ness Boulevard.{} Dean Alexander who lives near the end of the lane has been working on his display since mid October.{} "It takes me seven weekends with a bunch of high school kids and college kids to put it together. {} It's just for a celebration for the Fresno community."

Alexander has lights strung on four different grids which will make his home disappear once it gets dark.{} There's a reason why every year he needs a few more lights.{} "This is basically the grand finale of Christmas Tree Lane so the intent is for people to come and enjoy what Fresno has to offer."

On average 140 homes on the lane participate in the yuletide event.{}{}Most of the displays aren't ready for opening night but lights are being strung.{}{}Electricians were working about fifty feet above ground Friday putting the finishing touch on the lane.{}{}It is Kyle Mahaffey's first time making Van Ness Boulevard sparkle.{} "It's a fund job. {} It's entertaining. {} You meet a lot of great people. {} It's scary at some points being high up there but its fun."

More activity is expected this weekend.{}{}{}Opening night is Tuesday December Third at{}6:00 o'clock.{}{}{}