Christmas Reunion For Burn Survivors

Valley burn survivors{}held their annual Christmas reunion Saturday in Clovis. They also got to rub elbows with Santa and Smokey.

Melvin Bell is one of many burn survivors who spent his day with hospital staff from Community Regional's Leon S. Peters Burn Center. This is the 18th annual holiday party.{}

Bell was in a horrible car accident five years ago. "Just seeing all the friends and family and everybody who took care of me in the hospital. The reunion allows burn survivors and their families to catch up with hospital staff and have lots of fun."

Kids got to make snowmen out of marshmallows. Sandra Yovino is nursing director{}at the Peters Burn Center. "Survivors will tell you that they're very grateful for the care that they've received. A lot of support happens after they leave the hospital."

The biggest treat of the day was a special visit by Santa Claus. He rolled into Clovis aboard a shiny red fire truck. Santa and Smokey mugged for the camera before heading indoors to hand out gifts.

Last year the Peters Burn Center performed more than 10-thousand burn therapy procedures. Nearly half of those treated were children.