Christmas In October? Fresno Woman Already Has 15 Trees Up

Outside Mary Little's Northwest Fresno home, it's 100 degrees and feels like the middle summer.

But on the inside, it's a winter wonderland.

"Christmas was family time. It was always a joyous time. And I just want that all the time," Little said.

And Mary Little does her best to have just that.

I've tried to stop at 31," she said.

31 Christmas trees that is.

15 are already up.

"Each tree has a theme within the room. But then I have a theme for my entire Christmas collection," Little said.

Her Christmas collection started in the '70s.

"I put the tree in the window and then the room we live in or watch TV in and stuff, there was no tree in there. So I thought, I need one where we kind of live during the day. Then I thought it would be nice to have one in the bedroom. And it just started escalating from there," Little said.

Escalate it did.

Now thousands of hand-selected vintage ornaments adorn the home Mary shares with her very patient husband.

"I put two trees on each side of the mirror in his bathroom on the vanity. And he kids people and says, I have to go like this to shave my face with the branches," she said.

Each year, most of Mary's 31 trees have a new theme, which means lots of shopping.

"It's very expensive," she said. "And that's why I substitute teach. Everybody at Gipson knows that I have to come in and substitute a day or two because I went on eBay."

For Mary's neighbors, walking into the winter wonderland was like sensory overload.

"When I walked through the house I noticed the Christmas trees and I was like, wow," Moriah Turnbull, who lives across the street from Mary, said.

And that's exactly why she does it.

Even though she knows Christmas can't last forever.

"Everybody knows this, they know I hate January. I start taking these trees down. My creative juices are gone, my fun juices are gone. I can't make my friends laugh and play and it's just depressing. I hate January," she laughed.

But from now until then, Mary Little has a special wish for everyone.

"I tell everybody I want them to have a Mary Little Christmas," she said.

Mary says next year, she'll turn 70 and she's considering hanging up her ornaments for good.

But then again, she says that every year, and she says her neighbors and family and friends beg her not to.

Mary usually starts setting up her Christmas decorations in August and it takes her until about March to get them down.

And believe it or not, she also goes all out for Easter too.