Christmas Lights, Dry Tree Cause Reedley House Fire

Lights left on overnight on a dried out Christmas tree are believed to be the cause of a house fire in Reedley.

The fire broke out around three early Monday morning.

The fast moving flames forced a man to jump from the second story roof to save his wife.

Jose Castaneda and his wife, Olivia were the only ones inside.

They are thankful their two boys, ages 11 and 14, were staying with their grandma.

Jose Castaneda's niece, Venecia Torres says, "Survival kicked in. He just tried to get out. He then tried to get his wife out."

Family members say when Mr. Castaneda woke up, fast moving flames made the stairwell impossible to pass.

So He jumped out the window, onto the roof, and then to the ground.

He grabbed a latter and made sure his wife was safe.

Reedley's Fire Chief Jerry Isaak says, "It's that time of the year when Christmas trees are dry and the best thing to do is take them down."

Although the Castaneda family does have homeowners insurance, they escaped the flames with only the clothes on their backs.

Neighbors set up an account for donations at 'The Bank of the Sierra'.

Anyone who would like to help can send check payable to Jose & Olivia Castaneda.