Children With Disabilities Soar Through The Tree Tops

It's a thrill that few experience and even fewer are brave enough to attempt.

But a group of children from the Central Valley took to the mountains on Sunday for a day in the sun and a chance to soar down a zip line.

Yosemite Zip Line and Children's Hospital Central California gave the children, all of whom have a disability, the opportunity to see the expansive views of spring in the mountains of Mariposa while zipping through the tree tops.

"Oh, it's an incredible feeling," said Jennifer Crocker of Children's Hospital. "Often it's the smiles on [the children's faces] but also on their parent's faces that drives us to put this thing together."

Diane Vanaman has two children. One of her daughter is in a wheelchair. Sunday was a special moment for the whole family.

"She was really excited, they were both really excited to come out and experience zip lining and having the freedom of just flying through the air and they're really excited about coming today," Vanaman said of her children.

At Children's Hospital, the goal is to make any sport or recreational activity adaptable for children with physical disabilities.

Yosemite Zip Line gave kids and their families a chance to enjoy the park all by themselves.

"We have children and we really love to get the children out in nature, out here having fun and show them what they can do, said Victoria Imrie, owner of Yosemite Zip Line.