Children Fall into Koi Pond, Saved By CPR

Consider this a good reminder to check the condition of your gates and locks around pools and ponds.

Two toddlers are now at Children's Hospital in Madera County after Fresno Police say they fell into a pond Saturday afternoon.

It happened at an apartment complex near Maple and Shaw Avenues, south of Fresno State.

Officers say two One-Year-Old children, a boy and a girl, had been playing on the patio of an apartment unit when they somehow wandered out of the gate and made it to a nearby koi pond.

The water in the pond was about two to three feet deep.

It was enough to put the kids in danger.

Both were found underwater minutes later.

One of the kids on the patio found the kids, and alerted adults.

Police say the father of one of the childrenand another family friendperformed CPR.

Officers say the children had started turning blueand that the CPR saved their lives.

Neighbor Keri Cook and her husband held their baby tight.

"That would just kill me, whether that was my child or not," she says. "I've been taking CPR since I was 12. You hear in classes how many parents don't know CPR."

Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez adds, "It's best to teach them how to swim from a young age if you can. Some people don't do that. Especially in Fresno, as hot as it is."

Officers say the two children are not related.

At this point, the parents do not appear to face any charges.