Child, 6, Found In Madera County Meth Lab

A San Jose man was arrested and a child was removed from a Madera home on Thursday after law enforcement officials uncovered a methamphetamine laboratory.

The Madera County Narcotic Enforcement Team arrested Hector Mendoza Medina, 30, shortly before noon Thursday on suspicion of operating a Methamphetamine conversion lab inside a rental home that his 6-year-old son, also from San Jose, sometimes occupies.

The boy was turned over to relatives, officials said. But, Child Protective Services were notified.

Medina, who also goes by "Javier Mendoza Medina," was caught converting meth into crystal meth inside of his rental home, the Madera County Sheriff's Office said.

Agents seized nearly$1,000 worth of meth and Medina's BMW 745 that was parked out front. Officers also located roughly $200 worth of cocaine, and close to $1,000 in cash.

The Fresno Meth Task Force{} and Environmental Health were called in to remove the chemicals, equipment and anything else that may have been contaminated.

Enough chemicals used to convert meth into crystal meth were found inside of the home to{} have caused an explosion, law enforcement officials said.

Solvents released during the conversion are highly flammable and the toxic fumes do not dissipate; instead, they are absorbed into the walls and carpets of a home.

This is the second portable lab discovered in Madera County in the last two weeks, said Madera County Sheriff John Anderson.

Agents say Meth labs are on the rise and the manufacturers are once again setting their eyes on Madera.

Medina was booked into Madera County Department of Corrections. He remains held on an immigration hold, facing felony drug charges and child endangerment.