Central Valley Woman Kept Out Of England Because Of Cash

British officials recently closed the doors to the country on a 22-year-old American tourist on her way to visit a relative.

Fresno resident Amanda Dunlap says she was denied access to the country by a U. K. Immigration officer because she was too poor.

Dunlap planned to spend three months with her sister who lives in the country. But now, all they can do is communicate by phone.

"[The immigration officer] asked me are you going to school, and was like 'I'm registered,'" said Dunlap, who recently quit her job as a server to attend college in Fresno.

Dunlap said after she told the immigration officer that she did not have to pay for college because of a fee waiver for low-income students, the immigration officer used the information to keep her out of the country.

Documents obtained by KMPH from the U. K. Border Agency corroborates Dunlap's story.

"I am not satisfied that you are genuinely seeking entry as a visitor for the limited period as stated by you. This is because you have resigned from your job in the USA in order to come here for three months. You have limited funds of $300, and said that you come from a low income family," according to the document.

The document continued: "Coupled with your account of your social and economic circumstances, cause me to doubt your real intentions into the United Kingdom."

Dunlap said after being searched by immigration officers, she was whisked off to a room with about six other people, where she was held for nearly 10 hours.

"They questioned my sister, asked about her financial records, where she's lived, and she even told them [she would give] proof of all of this, and none of it mattered," Dunlap said.

Dunlap was provided a card to make a 5-minute phone call and given a meal while she was detained.

Despite calling the U.S. Ambassador in London, Dunlap was on a flight back to the United States in the morning.

Dunlap did not get the chance to see her sister nor did get a refund for her return ticket. In total, Dunlap said she spent $1,100 on a trip that didn't happen.

KMPH left several messages with the United Kingdom consulate out of Los Angeles. No phone calls were returned