Central Fresno Garage Fire: Officials Suspect Kids Are To Blame


A Central Fresno family is making their way back home after a fire torched their garage.

It began around 2 PM on Sunday on the corner of Home and First Street in Central Fresno.

Firefighters were able to stop the flames before it could get into the house.

Fortunately, the family of ten living inside wasn't hurt.

Firefighters initially got reports of a little girl stuck inside, but she managed to run out without any harm.

The family's backyard on the other hand, is a big mess.

Everything from furniture to kid's toys is covered in black sot.

"The color of the smoke was very black ... indicating some chemicals may have been involved in this fire. We are trying to determine if all of the chemicals we found in the backyard are a contributing factor," said Fresno Battalion Chief, Tony Escobedo.

Firefighters believe the resident's kids may have something to do with starting the fire.

They are still investigating the cause.

The cost of the damage to the property is still unknown.