Fresno Business Owner Buys Back His Own Stolen Merchandise

A Fresno business owner bought back his own stolen computer monitors from the person he thinks may have stolen it.

It all started Saturday night when the Sid De La Torre's All State Homes business on Dakota Avenue and First Street was broken into.

The owner said crooks got away with five of his computer monitors. They also trashed the office, broke doors and ate everything in the refrigerator.

In need of some new equipment, the owner went online to craigslist. He searched for cheap monitors he could get quickly.

"A bunch came out so I picked the cheapest ones. I called the guy up, I went down there and his living room was full of monitors and I didn't think of anything because a lot of them looked the same," De La Torre said.

Without even knowing it, De La Torre picked out the same monitor that was stolen from him.

It wasn't until his co-worker, back at the office, realized it was the exact same one.

Feeling cheated and angry De La Torre hopes police track down the thieves.