Cellphone App's: Personal Information Sold To Businesses

Nothing knows more about you than your smart phone.

Did you know, every time you download an app for your phone, your personal information might be sold.

Fresno State sophomore Robert Kalomiris is majoring in computer information technology.

However, even he was surprised by the amount of access the free flashlight app he downloaded wanted on his cell phone.

Kalomiris says, "I don't think much about it and I think that's why so many people do it. It seems like such a small thing. You can do it 10, 20, 30 times with all the app's you have on a phone."

However, tech security experts are urging smart phone users to reconsider how much private information they're willing to give up when they download applications on their smart phones and tablets.

Jeffrey Solano, is the I.T. liaison to the Craig School of Business at Fresno State.

Solano says, "Nothing is definitely free, paid or not, potentially you are giving up your data and it could come at a price."

He says a price that could start subscribing you to expensive services or steal other information.

He adds smart phone users are trading privacy for convenience, downloading app's, free or not, can come at a high price.

Solano says it is all about business, big business, and certain app's track you. Solano says then that data is sold to companies.

In December of last year, the makers of the brightest flashlight app were force to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that they deceived customers on how their personal information would be used with advertisers and third parties.

Solano says, "It all comes down to education and the individual using that phone or app to know exactly what it is asking for."

Computer experts say the difference between what a good application does and what a bad application does is invisible to you, until something bad happens.

Experts say if you must give up too much access to your smart phone in order to use the app, it is probably best to find a different app.