Cedar Lanes To Be Torn Down After 50 Years Of Business

"They had the professional bowlers here for a long time. They've had{}state{}tournaments here. They've had a lot of tournaments, big draw," Mike Shaban of Fresno said about Cedar Lanes.

Shaban has been bowling there from the beginning.{}"Since 1959," he said.

But he didn't just go for the bowling. "At one time the Cedar Lanes prime rib was the finest in the Valley," he said.

Edgar Llewellyn has been on a league there for about 20 years. "I'm here a lot. I even have a locker here," Llewellyn said.

Marvin Stollar bowls at Cedar Lanes twice a week with his buddies. "We're not much at bowling, but there's a lot of camaraderie," he joked.

But that's all about the change.

The Wathen Group announced it recently bought the shopping center and will tear it down for redevelopment. It's news that has bowlers down in the gutter.

"It's like my second home. It's a big loss," Shaban said.

"I hate to see old landmarks go," Stollar said.

"Sad, it's sad yeah," Llewellyn said.

But Cedar Lanes isn't the only business that will have to shut its doors.

Just three years ago, Jimmie Bosquez spent $10,000 moving his sports memorabilia store next to the bowling alley. He spent ten years across the street. But people came in and wanted to redevelop that shopping center and put in a Fresh n' Easy, which didn't last very long.

"Just shocked, little devastated, disappointed. I was hoping they would've been a little more honest and come forward and sat down with us tenants and told us what was going on," Bosquez said.

Instead, Jimmie got a letter Monday afternoon saying he has to be out by June 25th.

"I'd like to stay in the neighborhood. It's a good neighborhood. Everybody wants to move away from the neighborhood, but I want to stay," Bosquez said. "It takes money to move again. Right now, just looking at it, I would say we're pretty much done for a while."

As for Cedar Lanes' loyal customers, they'll have to move on too.

"I hope we're able to keep the group together and get started at another place," Stollar said.

"I want to do more fishing," Shaban said.

"That's the whole thing, I don't know," Llewellyn said.

The Wathen Group will not elaborate on what will go in the spot, once Cedar Lanes is gone. It released this statement to KMPH: "After a great deal of thought, investigation and outlook to the future, the ownership has come to the difficult decision that it is time for the property to be redeveloped so that it may begin a new history... We would like to share those future changes with you, due to business timing issues we are not at liberty to do so at this time."

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