CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wedding Chapel Vandalized By Accused Rival

Fresno Police say a wedding chapel was vandalized by an associate from another wedding chapel and it isn't the first time it's happened. The man accused of damaging the wedding chapel was caught on camera. Police say 30 year-old Adam Weith was caught on surveillance video throwing a container through the chapel's front window, tossing paint all over the sign, and then driving away. Luis Rosales manages the 'Ventura Wedding Chapel' and says the chapel has been vandalized before. However, he says he didn't think it would be a business rival accused of causing the damage. "I don't know what the motive is? If they think we have so much business that maybe they're putting us out of business," says Rosales, "I don't know." Fresno Police say they're looking for Adam Weith, who is associated with the 'Fresno Wedding Chapel" in Kingsburg. KMPH Fox 26 News called 'Fresno Wedding Chapel' and the man who answered the phone said Weith doesn't work there and then hung up. As for Rosales, he still has to clean up all the paint that Weith is accused of throwing at the chapel and the broken window has to be repaired. "It's more of a hassle to make the repairs and stuff, especially when we don't have a budget," adds Rosales." However, Rosales hopes that this is the end of the rivalry. "This is a no-win situation for everybody," says Rosales, "Now this young man is in trouble. You know I have grandsons his age and it would hurt me if one of my grandsons was doing this." There was not any damage inside the chapel. Rosales says the container that was thrown through the window had a strange smell. So, he called police right away. Fresno Police are looking for Adam Weith. If you know where he is call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP (7867). Don't forget you can receive a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.