Caught On Camera: Water Wasted At City Owned Park

Anyone who would let their sprinkler system, water their lawn constantly for more than a day and half would probably face a stiff fine.

But what happens if the water waster is the City of Fresno?

Those living near a city owned park, near Alta and Clover Avenues in southeast Fresno say they have told city officials about exactly that problem, but got nowhere until KMPH News got involved.

Resident Hale Sjostrand says, "It has happened before but they've come out and fixed it within a few hours at least. But yeah it's not the first time."

KMPH News Facebook friends, Hale and Beth Sjostrand let us know about the problem after Hale called the city twice, each time he was told someone would come out and fix the issue.

Hale says, "Hours later and the sprinklers are still on."

Hale says, "My timer went out phase because of a power outage and I got ticketed for it. I corrected it and never had another issue, but I was just calling and letting them know the water is on over 24 hours."

Reporter asks, "Maybe the City of Fresno needs a ticket."

Hale says, "I would love to give them a ticket."

Richard Yell says, "I called them the first lady I talked to, was upset and she hung up on me."

Richard Yell lives a quarter mile from the park, and saw the water running past his home in the gutter after calling the city back he too was told someone would fix the problem.

Richard says, "We left here at 1:30 or 2 o'clock the sprinklers were still going and this morning the sprinklers are still going and the water running down our gutter."

Richard says he and others living near the park pay extra in their property taxes for the parks upkeep.

Reporter asks, "You could be accessed for that water going down the tubes?"

Richard Yell says, "I'm sure we will in some way or not."

KMPH News Reporter Erik Rosales called the Director of Public Works for the City of Fresno, and within 5 minutes, a city employee showed up and turned off the water.

The director says the water timer will now be inspected to prevent future runoffs.

Richard Yell says, "I'm impressed with you guys, Channel 26 is the place to go I guess."

The Director of Fresno Public Utilities says if anyone else sees a similar situation to call the Fresno Call Center at (559) 621-CITY.