Caught On Camera: Water Assault On Woman, Neighbor May Be Charged

A Coalinga man sprays water in the face of his neighbor as his friends stand by and laugh.

Now, with the help of the video shot by those friends, officers say the man with the hose could face criminal charges.

Police say the woman sprayed was Peggy Lee, who was looking for her dog.

Officers say the man spraying her is 39-year-old Chris Franklin.

Police say two videos were uploaded to YouTube, and each time Lee is sprayed with water.

"I felt humiliated. They can call me the dog catcher if they want," Lee said. "All I do is take care of animals.

"I know it was silly for me to stand there I should have walked away. I could have handled it differently. They could have handled it differently," Lee added.

Police say Lee was under the influence of alcohol.

Intoxicated or not, Coalinga residents say the video makes them angry.

"That's terrible, that's inhuman, that's terrible," said Coalinga resident Kaysee Amsberry.

Kaysee is not the only one.

Coalinga Police Chief Cal Minor said, "It was appalling because of the repeated spraying. It doesn't matter if it was a lady, man or whatever, the repeated actions are disgusting."

Coalinga's Police Chief says he does plan to submit the case to the Fresno County District Attorney's Office.

Officers should finish with their investigation in a few days.

KMPH News{}tried to get a comment from Franklin but people at the house told him, "no comment."

Coalinga police say Franklin will likely only face a misdemeanor for spraying the woman with water.