CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wallet Stolen While Woman Shops

A woman shopping for groceries in Fresno couldn't pay because a thief snatched her wallet. Now the woman is looking for the crook that was caught on camera taking her money.

Renee Saelee says she was in the spice aisle at "Golden Bowl Supermarket" when her wallet was stolen.

"I saw some people coming and I said 'You know I need to go get my wallet', says Renee Saelee, "I went over there and it was gone already."

Surveillance video shows the thief walk up the grocery cart, take the wallet, and put it in her purse. Then the thief is caught on camera going to the register and paying with the money she just stole.

With $500, her driver's license and credit cards gone, Saelee says she wants the thief caught.

"I work hard for what I have and it's not right for her to snatch it up," adds Saelee, "You can see in the video she does it so carelessly and so calm. I'm just really upset with her."

If you have any information about the woman caught on camera or know who she is call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-7000.