Caught On Camera: Veteran's U.S. Army Flag Stolen From His Yard

{}A Valley veteran is heartbroken after his U.S. Army flag was stolen. The flag belongs to a Dinuba man who served in both the Vietnam War and Desert Storm.

"I was pissed, but I was also hurt that somebody would take it," says U.S. Army Veteran Doug Dall.

The Dall family says their surveillance cameras caught the man going up to the flag and walking away with it.

Dall says the flag showed his pride in his 21-year Army career and how fought in two wars.

"I was hurt," says Dall, "I enjoyed hanging it up out there."

Dall says the black flag with a gold star was difficult for his wife to find. Chris Dall, the Veteran's wife, says it took her years to track the flag down. She eventually found it at 'Vandenberg Air Force Base' and bought it right away.

"21 years being a military wife, no you don't take somebody's flag like that," says Chris Dall.

The Dall's are hoping the flag will turn up at a flea market or pawn shop. If you see it please call the Dinuba Police Department at 559-591-5914.