Caught On Camera: Man Hides Stolen X-Box Under His Shirt

Clovis Police are looking for three men that they say ripped off a store in the middle of the day. The three men walked into the Clovis Aarons on July 18th and walked out with a stereo and an x-Box they didn't pay for.

Surveillance video from Aarons shows the 3 men walk into the store. Two of them go in one direction; the other guy goes the other way. A few seconds later one of the men walk toward a stereo display. Police say he grabs a stereo and walks out the doors with the stereo's cord dragging behind him.

At the same time the other two guys were walking up to a counter and distracting store employees. One thief walks away, but the other asks for an application. He has an Aarons employee show him furniture. He walks back to the counter, looks for his friend and keeps talking.

During that time the other guy walks out of the store with what police says is an X-Box under his shirt.

"Electronics are typically where you can get better money by selling them illegally on Craigslist or just on the street," says Ty Wood with the Clovis Police Department, "They're easier to handle."

Police did get a picture of the car the three men were driving while the three were trying to steal from a Fresno Aarons. It's a faded gold Saturn, but the license plate is stolen.

If you know who those 3 guys are please call the Clovis Police Department at 559-324-2556. You can also send a message on the police department's Facebook or Twitter pages. Police say you can remain anonymous.