Caught on Camera: Thieves Rob Fresno Business For The Third Time

Burglars break into a Fresno business for the third time this year and the owner says he's sick of it. The owner of "Boling Associates Advertising" says the thieves were after computers and surveillance video shows the robbery as it happened.

"It's very violating," says Chris Boling, "It's not your home, but it's still your second home."

Surveillance video shows the guys drive up to the ad agency in a white, Dodge Avenger with dealer plates. One guy gets out and talks with the driver. Then another man wearing a Mexican wrestling mask gets out of the car, charges at the door and breaks it down. The video shows the men stealing seven Mac desk top computers in less than 3-minutes.

"We feel it has to be someone that knows the computers have to be replaced, because we are a business. We don't have a choice to just not replace them," adds Boling.

Boling says the worst thing about the latest robbery is the guys stole 2 black portfolio cases. Inside the cases were ads from when the agency first started and art work from when Boling's father was in college.

"He won't get that back, because there's no value to it. We can already assume that it's in a dumpster somewhere," says Boling.

After getting robbed twice the agency installed cameras, hired a security guard, and put up a gate. Boling says the next step might be to move out the business out of Fresno.