CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police Dog Bites Teen During Arrest

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies say three teens went on a crime spree in 'Old Fig Garden.' Investigators say the three men broke into one home and there might have been more burglaries.

Surveillance cameras captured the teens running out of a backyard and down a driveway. The people who own the house with the cameras say the three jumped a fence into their yard again.

"I asked them what they were doing here and they really didn't answer me," says the homeowner, "I asked them again and one of them said, "We're being shot at and we're afraid of getting shot."

The lady who saw the men in her yard asked that we not identify her. She says she wasn't scared of the teens, just startled.

"They looked bewildered when I was talking to them and asking them what they were doing here," she says, "They were looking around the yard trying to figure out how they could leave."

Sheriff's deputies surrounded 'Old Fig Garden' as they searched for the guys. One of them was captured right away. Another one was found hiding in a bush. Officers say he wouldn't come out and they had to send a K-9 after him. The police dog did bite him, so deputies say he was taken to the hospital. The third guy got away.

People who live in 'Old Fig Garden' say they try to be vigilant. They have a system set up so they can notify each other when something like this happens.

"This Good Friday's got a little silver lining," says another concerned neighbor, "It's going to take all the citizens to help law enforcement to take care of the bad guy."