Caught On Camera: Unlicensed Teen Crashes Car Into 7-11

A Southeast Fresno 7-Eleven convenience store is boarded up, but still open for business.

That's because a teen-ager drove into the store, at Chestnut and Church, Tuesday morning.

It was caught on camera.

"I went to the remote cam view and saw the car inside the store," says Sushil Prakash, who owns two convenience stores in Fresno. "I couldn't see the driver of the vehicle, I didn't know if he was still inside the car, inside an ambulance, if he was okay.

Prakash has owned this store for the last ten years.

His wife says the 17-year-old boy behind the wheel of the white car is a regular.

Police say he didn't have a license, but he told Prakash he had a permit.

The car wiped out the phone cards, the medicine aisle, and some candy.

The boy walked out fine.

With damage contained to the West end of the store, Prakash kept it open.

"We have to continue with the customer service," he says, with a smile.

Besides, he knew how to handle the situation.

It also happened over a year ago.

A woman drove another white car into the store in October of 2012.

"She had gone all the way to the back of the store. That was a huge mess!" Prakash says.

That time, a driver and a worker were hurt.

It took several days to re-open the store.

"The first time, it was shaky for us. Made us feel insecure. This time around, at least we know the steps to follow," Prakash says.

His wife said she wasn't mad.

She even invited the teen-ager inside for hot chocolate while police arrived.

Police haven't said if the teen will face any charges.

Some have suggested Prakash get barriers to prevent this from happening again.

"I can make a request... And I have... And you can see the answer," he says.