Caught On Camera: Teen Injured In Hit and Run Accident

{}A teen riding a bike on a Fresno street was knocked to the ground by a truck and it was all caught on camera. The truck driver's wife says he wasn't doing anything wrong, but the teen says the driver is to blame.

In a matter of seconds Nick Keller's bike ride home from work took a turn for the worse.

"I didn't want to go underneath the tire and potentially get killed," says bicyclist Nick Keller.

Keller has a small camera attached to his handle bars. The video shows him riding in a bike lane at Peach and Dakota in Central Fresno that shifts toward the center of the road.

"At the same time that truck is trying to cut in front of me to make the light for his right turn," adds Keller.

Keller says the white truck did not "yield" and they collided. The 19-year old made his way to sidewalk and waited for the driver of the white truck. However, Keller says he never came back.

"I personally believe he tried to play it off and act like he wasn't even aware that he hit me," says the teen.

Keller decided to slow down the video and sure enough the truck's license plate and a business name "RMS" were caught on camera.

"I believe the camera doesn't lie when it comes to offenses such as this," says Keller.

KMPH news reporter Erika Cervantes spoke with RMS manager Marcey Stark on the telephone. Stark told her that she did not want to comment on camera, but Stark did say her husband was the person driving the car that ran into the bicyclist. Stark also said that her husband told her that the bicyclist is the one at fault, because he's the one who hit the car. Stark went on to say if her husband did something illegal Fresno Police would contact them, but they haven't, so she is not concerned about it. She also added that Fresno Police need to hear her side of the story and she's skeptical that the bicyclist contacted a news station. Then she hung up on Cervantes.

KMPH checked California State Law and it says a driver must give the right away to a bicyclist when they are turning right and when they are 200-feet away from a corner.

Keller says he the only thing he wants from this story is to remind drivers to share the road.

"I'm just hoping for other drivers to be aware that we have the same rights as them on the road and that we shouldn't be undermined," adds Keller.

Keller has filed a police report. He says officers are investigating and they're looking for surveillance video from local businesses may have caught the accident from another angle. Fresno police have Keller's video and did contact him today.

Since Keller only has scrapes on his arm and back, the hit and run is considered a misdemeanor. The penalty is a $1000 fine and possibly six months in jail.