Caught On Camera: Suspected Shoplifters

While most shoppers are out looking for the best deals, some would rather try to steal the item than pay for it.

Police say the holiday shopping season is the time of the year crooks and shoplifters are out in force.

The day after Thanksgiving at the Macy's store in the River Park Shopping Center, police say a pair of shoplifters was caught by store security.

Store security says it was the 19th and 20th shoplifter caught at the store this month alone.

One of the women caught was with her one-year-old child.

Fresno Police Officer Nic Keeley says, "They'll take any opportunity a lot of times they'll not want to do this while in the store, just shopping, and seize the opportunity and take it. It doesn't matter if they have the kids with them, or using their kids' diaper bags to conceal the merchandise. I've seen it all."

Store security says the two women were going into the fitting rooms with a large amount of clothes, but were coming out with just a small amount. They watched them for several minutes, and that's when they moved in."

The women were charged with the misdemeanor, finger printed outside the store and released.

They will have a court date in a few months.

Police say despite beefed up patrols, contract officers working inside the stores, along with plain clothes officers, crooks still try.

Fresno Police Officer Nic Keeley says, "A lot of the times people don't realize there is a dollar amount that separates a misdemeanor to a felony, and these days with the price of clothing it doesn't take long to make it a felony charge."