Caught on Camera: Suspected Burglar Caught By Cellphone

A smart phone app hooked up to a camera system helped Clovis police track down a burglar.

Officers say the crook was inside a home on the 100 block of N Lind, when the homeowner got an email alert at work.

The alert showed the burglar jumping into his home though a window.

Homeowner Mark Dodd says, "Once I got the email at work. Within seconds, I called 911 and they put me through to Clovis Police. The police actually had a couple of officers and were not too far away. Everything just worked."

Officers responded and confronted the suspect, 20-year-old Michael Cook, who took off from the home.

Cook was arrested after a short foot chase.

Police say officers recovered the stolen property

Police say Cook was released from the Fresno County jail on New Years Day. Officers say he was in there for violating his parole, for a different burglary.

Police say less than 24 hours later he was back at it again.

However, thanks to an email alert he did not get far.

Dodd says, "People out there have to realize with the technology of today, with the camera systems, with the alarm systems we can put into place you never know when you are being filmed. You never know when you are being watched."

Dodd plans to purchase even more cameras for his system.