Caught On Camera: Stolen Necklace Returned To Clovis Family

A Clovis family's Christmas is merrier thanks to a thief who had a change of heart. On December 9th we showed you surveillance video of a woman with 3-kids walking up to a mailbox and stealing a package. Inside the envelope was a necklace. Thanks to the video airing on KMPH Fox 26 the necklace is back with its owner.

"We've never had something given back, because they felt bad," says Detective Ty Wood from the Clovis Police Department.

So, how did the necklace end up getting returned? After talking with a pastor and with encouragement from her kids that are in the video, the woman gave the necklace to her pastor. The pastor gave the necklace to KMPH Fox 26's Erik Rosales and we gave it to the police.

"I think it's great that the children have the power in the relationship to speak to their mother comfortably to where she cares what they thought," adds Detective Wood.

The woman in the video says she's sorry and knows what she did was wrong. The owner of the necklace says her husband will be happy when he gets to open his present.

Police know the name of the woman who stole the necklace. She has not been arrested, but detectives say the case has been turned over to the district attorney and the woman is facing theft charges.