Caught On Camera: Porterville Hotel Wall Collapses Due To Fire

Arson investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that broke out inside a vacant Porterville hotel.

It is one of Porterville's oldest buildings, 124-years-old.

The fire forced city leaders to declare a state of emergency.

The flames also damaged several businesses next to the hotel including an auto parts store.

The owner of the store says it is too early to decide his next step.

Despite part of the roof collapsing on his store and a lack of foot traffic due to future demolition he says his faithful customers have already told him they will find him when they need auto parts.

Ironically, in 2006 the Porterville city council condemned the vacant hotel due to safety concerns. Therefore, firefighters say it should have been empty.

Some say the fire did what the city could not afford to do, which is tear it down. City leaders say they had not received enough federal funds to demolish it.

The hotel has seen a lot of life over the years since it was built in 1889.

The hotel was known as the Arlington when it opened.

Then from the 1970's until 2006, it was low-income housing, until it was condemned due to safety concerns.