Caught On Camera: Police Bust Identity Theft Ring

Some Fresno gang members have set up an elaborate system to steal from people, authorities said.

In the system, gang members break into homes and steal credit cards that are then used to purchase items online, Fresno Police said.

The items are then delivered to the home of the owner of the stolen credit cards. That's when the gang members snatch the packages from the front doors while the homeowners are away -- leaving no trace of who they really are or where they live.

"If they could put all that effort into something positive, it would be a different community wouldn't it?" said Fresno Police Sgt. Tim Tietjen.

A homeowner recently captured video of the system in action, which led to the arrest of Fernando Olivares and Victor Baeza.

"We want you to understand these aren't just one auto theft or burglary crooks, they are responsible for numerous burglaries on the north part of town," Tietjen said. "For us, we are going to see an immediate impact with the arrests of these two individuals and eventually the third individual."