Caught On Camera: Men Rip Necklaces Off Women In Southeast Fresno

It's a scary crime where men are stealing jewelry by ripping gold necklaces off of women. Fresno police say they're seeing it happen quite a bit and almost all of the robberies have been caught on camera.

Officers say the latest robbery happened at the "Tsim Neej Oriental Market" in Southeast Fresno. Surveillance video shows two men walking into the store. They walk around for almost two minutes and then go to the counter to pay. While the cashier is ringing the men up, one of the bad guys reaches over the counter, and snatches a necklace off of the cashier.

Police say the two men drove away in a white or silver 2000 Honda CRV with the possible license plate TSC016.

Fresno Police say that the robbery that happened at the "Tsim Neej Oriental Market" isn't the only one. In fact, officers say there were several other robberies in the past few weeks where woman had gold necklaces ripped off of their necks."

Surveillance video from another robbery at a different Southeast Fresno market shows a necklace being ripped from a woman's neck. Police say the guys responsible caught on camera in that robbery are responsible for 3 necklace robberies. Officers say all three men have been arrested.