Caught on Camera: Men Break Into Tire Shop

It's bad enough being the victim of a crime once.

Let alone, two or three times.

Now, one Southeast Fresno tire shop owner is hoping the public will help catch the men who broke into his business.

The latest break-in happened late Monday or early Tuesday.

{}"It's crazy, they just walk around like nothing.. they walk around the shop, like they're running it," says Juan{} Andrade, owner of Azteca Tire.

"You can't sleep at night. Just want to drive by and make sure everything is alright."

Surveillance video shows the four men cut the fence outside his business, and made their way through the place.

"I saw the gate was open. I was like, 'Oh no!' When I walked in, I saw the doors were locked. All they took was our swamp cooler, and the fan for our compressor and our recycling bin," says Andrade.

The shop has been in his family for the last seven years.

He says things have always been calm.

But, that changed in September.

Someone cut a hole in the fence.

Days later, another hole.

All told, thieves have broken into Azteca six times since then.

They have taken items including aluminum wheels, and anything with metal.

Chances are, Andrade says, the people behind the most recent theft didn't see his cameras.

"I got you. I got you on camera!" he says. "I hope the community comes out and recognizes them."

With everything that's happened some have suggested he close shop and move to another part of town.

But Andrade says he wants to stay on Tulare Avenue in Southeast Fresno because it's close to his customers.

If you recognize the men in the video, you are urged to call Fresno Police at (559) 621-7000.