Caught On Camera: Man Arrested For Burglaries, Police call Him "The White Shoe Bandit"

Madera police say a serial burglar is behind bars thanks to good police work and the use of high-tech tools.Officers say 22-year-old Miguel Antonio Hernandez Tapia, nicknamed the "white shoes bandit" was caught on camera burglarizing several stores.Thanks to the video, and an alert patrol officer, the man is now arrested.Detectives say the guy was caught on camera inside Khaled Al Asbahi's cell phone store.Al Asbahi says, "At night when you get any kind of movement in the store, the camera will take a picture and send it to my phone. That's what woke me at 3 o'clock in the morning Monday to come to the store."His store wasn't the only one hit that morning.Just down the street the Save N Go Mini Mart had its doors forced open.Thanks to the surveillance cameras capturing the video, the next night an alert Madera officer spotted a man walking down the street who looked very similar to the bandit.After talking with the guy, detectives say a search of his home turned up evidence of the recent crimes, including the distinctive white pointy shoes.Store owners say their smart cameras will continue to stand watch over their businesses when they can't.