CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Kids Rescued From Apartment Fire By Fresno Firefighters

Video of three kids being rescued from a burning Southwest Fresno apartment has been released by the Fresno Fire Department. The rescue happened on Sunday after the kids were left alone in the apartment.

The video shows neighbors screaming that kids are inside the apartment. Helmet cameras show several fire fighters rush into the building. Inside, black smoke is everywhere, but fire fighters find and rescue all three kids.

"I had to look back at the video to really realize my reaction to it and I don't remember reacting the way I did," says Fresno Fire Fighter James Perkins, who rescued one of the kids, "Immediately I thought we need to get this kid out and get him out to fresh air where there's medical equipment and personnel to start breathing for them."

The three kids are still in critical condition at 'Valley Children's Hospital.' The Fresno Fire Chief says the children, ages 1, 2, and 3, have a few burns and are recovering from smoke inhalation.

The kids are currently in the custody of Child Protective Services. An investigation into how long and why the kids were alone in the apartment is still going on.

The Fresno Fire Chief says the cause of the fire is most likely electrical and it started by the apartment's entertainment center.