Caught On Camera: Help Catch A Car Thief

Hanford police believe a man caught on camera by a homeowner's surveillance camera is the same guy whose been breaking into a number of cars in the city.

The man, who remains on the loose, broke into Don Pomeroy's Jeep last Tuesday morning.

The video shows the crook walking up, cutting the Jeep's top, and then jumping inside.

Pomeroy says he only got away with some tools, but he wants this guy caught.

Pomeroy says, "He cut it on the window so he could climb in through. But there is a zipper around the corner and he could have unzipped the section. He hit some streets up, the same night and we've been having some other problems lately just by people walking by and opening doors."

Hanford detectives, who now have the video, hope someone in the community knows who he is.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Hanford Police at 559-585-2540.