Caught On Camera: Fresno Woman Almost Kidnapped, Husband Comes To Rescue!

The wife of a Fresno attorney is thankful to her husband for coming to her rescue. Surveillance cameras caught the moment Theresa Miller arrived home from the gym. She got out of her car and was moving some items in the garage. At that time an armed man with a burlap mask calmly walks up behind her and tried to kidnap her. A few seconds later, cameras caught the two walk past the driveway as he holds a gun on her. A surveillance camera on another home shows what appears to be a white small car, possibly a Honda, make a u-turn on the cul-de-sac and wait for the armed kidnapper. Family member Thomas Miller says, "As he was attempting to kidnap her she was offering the car, her purse, the vehicle she had come up in was still running and the door was open." But all the armed kidnapper wanted was Theresa. Before he got her in the car she fought back, and screamed. Seconds later, her husband, Nate came running out of the house. The kidnapper let Theresa go. But he pointed the gun in Nate's face and then jumped into the awaiting car and took off. Miller says, "You've heard stories like this and watched movies. The end results were really happy but it could have ended a million different ways." Fresno detectives are investigating the case as an attempted kidnapping. The Miller family is just thankful Nate came to her rescue and their kids who were inside the home were never hurt. Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Crimestoppers at (559) 498-STOP (7867).