Caught on Camera: Fresno Jewelry Store Uses Shotgun to Scare Off Would-be Thieves

Fresno Police need your help to find two would-be thieves who targeted a jewelry store using a handgunonly to come face-to-face with the owner, who was also packing heat.

The two men went into "Joyeria Marlene's" in Fresno's Sunnyside neighborhood Friday.

Noe Guzman, a longtime friend of the owners, was working the counter.

He says the men began asking about the store's prices for gold.

The men then asked to see a catalog of bracelets.

Guzman says, "Everything happened in the blink of an eye."

One of the men, pulled out a handgun.

"I just hoped that he wouldn't fire a shot. He didn't look like he knew what he was doing, with a gun, let alone robbing a place," Guzman says.

Off camera, the owner's daughter, with a one-month old baby in arms, ran away.

That's when you see the man on the phone try to chase her.

He wanted to jump over the counter, but failed.

So, he went around.

"I heard screams, I thought something bad was happening. I didn't know who was out here, how many people. So, I grabbed my gun," says Jose Guadalupe Llamas, who owns the jewelry store.

But, Llamas didn't bring out just any gun-- it was a shotgun.

"I saw they were nervous and scared. My gun was bigger than theirs," he says.

At one point on the surveillance video, you can see the man with the handgun flinch, while the other falls to the floor and crawled away to the door.

Llamas had been on the phone with his wife, Soledad Castaneda, who was on vacation in Mexico.

She didn't know what was happening, until her daughter called her moments later, to ask for the password to their surveillance system.

"We know it can be dangerous, gold is very tempting for thieves," says Castaneda.

"First, it's my family, then my business. I wouldn't think twice again. I saw them running off, so I didn't shoot," Llamas says.

Officers were on scene within minutes, gathering fingerprints and other evidence.

The family says it's tough to imagine this is the second hit in a year.

All the security measures in place couldn't stop the two men - but a show of force did.

"My husband must have had a soft spot for them... They were very lucky. He could have shot them," says Castaneda.

"In good times, we're good people. But don't mess with us. Then, I'll be the first to bring out my claws."

Fresno Police ask that if you recognize the two men, call officers at 559-621-2427.