Caught on Camera: Fire Destroys Orosi Home

An Orosi family says they're lucky to be alive after a fire gutted their home. The family says their guardian angel was their smoke alarms.

"I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe, the fire was so intense," says Cynthia Mares.

Mares says everyone was asleep Monday morning when the smoke alarms started going off and her daughters began screaming.

"I ran to them and the fire was surrounding them, so what I did was I got the girls, got everybody out and I just ran," says Mares, "I didn't get anything, I just ran."

When firefighters put out the flames the only thing left was the frame of the house. Everything else inside the home was destroyed.

"I was in shock and crying," says Mares, "My kids were crying and everything that we had, everything that we owned is just gone."

Mares' husband was at work when the fire started. He knew his family was okay, but he figured out fast how bad the damage was.

"From far away as I was driving towards the house I could see the smoke and I just knew that was my house," says Julio Mares.

The family thinks a space heater is to blame, but fire fighters are investigating. Mares says they family is getting through this with the help of relatives. They're also grateful that whenever the smoke alarms beeped they changed the batteries.

"That's what saved them, because if they wouldn't have gone on they would have been asleep and I wouldn't have known anything," says Mares.

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