Caught On Camera: Crook Snatches Package Seconds After UPS Drops It Off

{}Do you recognize this man?

A Fresno woman's surveillance camera caught him walking up to her house, and snatching her package.

It happened just seconds after{}a UPS truck dropped the package off.

"My whole family was watching it and were like what the ... O.M.G!" said Marion Alvarez.

Alvarez says she had just made several big pre-Christmas purchases online.

Her biggest splurge was for a $600 Sam sung Galaxy phone.

After a few days, when her phone didn't show up, Alvarez decided to roll back the video on surveillance camera for answers.

"And there it was. UPS came in, dropped it off{} then that car came after and picked up the box and left," said Alvarez.

Alvarez says she was in shock.

She believes the crook was trailing behind the UPS truck, all the way up to her doorstep.

Police say these types of crooks target delivery trucks especially during the Holiday season, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Alvarez urges everyone to be extra cautious. For expenses purchases especially, she advises that people arrange to have their packages picked up at the post office instead.