Caught On Camera: Man Sets A Car On Fire On Purpose In Fresno

{}There is dramatic video of a car going up in flames in Central Fresno. The owner of the car says the man who did it has been vandalizing her car for months and she caught him doing it.

Lorelei Forrest says she has no idea why the man has targeted her. Forrest says she only met the man once when he kept pulling at the car's door, when she told him to stop, she says he went on a rant. So, she told him to have a good day and she walked away.

"I immediately knew who it was," says Lorelei Forrest.

Forrest's car went up in flames after she says a man set it on fire.

"I came here after I got off the bus and I smelled something," adds Forrest, "I ran over here and there was a whole bunch of puddles of water and my car was torched."

Fresno Police say the man caught on camera is William Garrison. Video from Forrest's cell phone shows the man pouring lighter fluid into the car, lighting a match and the flames started.

"Why? That's the biggest, only question going through my mind," says Forrest, "Why does he keep targeting me?"

Forrest says this isn't the first time Garrison vandalized her car. In June she says she caught Garrison on camera slashing her tires and that's not all.

"He broke this door, took my clothes, threw them on the ground over in that area and lit them on fire," adds Forrest.

For the past two months Forrest has cell phone video showing Garrison breaking a car window, taking pictures of the car and her cell phone camera and ripping the cardboard covering her broken window off. Even though her car is destroyed, Forrest is just happy that her ordeal is over.

"I thought it was a blessing in disguise," she says, "I had a felony on camera and the police department would finally be able to do something about it."

The man in the video is facing charges of arson and vandalism. He is in the Fresno County jail.