CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car Break-Ins On The Rise

People living in a Southeast Fresno neighborhood says they're fed up with crooks breaking into cars. Neighbors say the problem needs to be solved right away or someone is going to get hurt.

The break-ins have been happening almost every week for the past six weeks in a neighborhood near Clovis Avenue and Jensen Avenue in Fresno. People who have had their cars broken into say the thieves have smashed in windows and stolen tires.

One of the bad guys was caught on camera walking up to a car and grabbing the handles to see if the car was locked.

"This is not the American dream," says Margie Mills, "It's not okay to not want to go outside to take the trash out, because you don't know who's out there."

Margie Mills is retired and says the break-ins are happening way too frequently. She says another worry is strange people are knocking at her door.

"I thought really, I just opened the door for someone who is not mentally balanced and I just put myself at risk opening the door, so I don't do it anymore," adds Mills.

Mills has her dog and an alarm system. She says her neighbors have also installed new alarms and surveillance cameras.

"This is not the way this community is supposed to be," says Mills, "This is a decent neighborhood and it shouldn't be that way."

Another neighbor says someone broke into his work truck and stole some of his expensive tools.

"It's starting to become a nuisance around here," says Nhothinh Sayphengsy, "With my kids getting older maybe I need to move somewhere else to bring them up in a different environment."

All the people KMPH Fox 26 News spoke with say they have become more aware about what is happening in their neighborhoods. They want to have a meeting with Police and hopefully start a 'Neighborhood Watch' group.