Caught On Camera: Bicycles Stolen From Downtown Shop

The owner of a downtown Fresno bike shop is still searching for two bicycles ripped off during a smash and grab.

The thief caught on camera, broke into 'The Fulton Cycle Works' bike shop, and within seconds walking out with two high-end bikes.

Owner Darren Johnson says the crook knew exactly which two bikes to steal. Both bikes were Bianchi brand bikes from Italy.

One was worth $2,000, and the other $6,000.

Johnson says, "It was the first of its kind in America, it was sent from Italy. It was a demo bike from the company for our grand opening a few weeks ago and it was still here."

Johnson says he opened Fulton Cycle Works about 6 weeks ago.

He did it in the heart of downtown Fresno with all the new lofts and apartments.

He believes this area can be revitalized but also says a theft like this hurts him bad.

Johnson says, "We are just trying to make it. Even things like a small insurance deductible could put the nail in the coffin for us, we don't have a lot of money."

Downtown residents could not be happier to see the new shop.

Don Simmons lives in the area, he says, "We are glad that they are in the neighborhood, because a lot of people like to bike in this downtown. The break in is just sad."

Johnson says, "We put the word on Facebook yesterday and a lot of the community get involved are sharing it. So the eyes are open and people will be looking for these two bikes."

Anyone with information about the theft, is urged to call Crimestoppers at (559) 498-STOP.