Caught on Camera: Protect Your Purse from Car Sliders

Listen up, ladies.

Police say purse snatchers have come up with a novel way to grab your bag at gas stations.

They're called "car sliders" - thieves open your car door while you're busy pumping {}{}gas, slide into your car, and grab your purse or other valuables, then take off.

Your purse and the thieves are gone in seconds.

"I couldn't believe they could actually be that bold and brazen to do something like that," said Sylvia Casone of Fresno.

That's why she keeps her purse on her when she gets gas.

She says, "I do.{} I mean, it's weird to be pumping your gas with your purse, but..."

But it's better to be inconvenienced than to have your purse swiped.

{}"Those thieves are looking for opportunity, these are crimes of opportunity, they come around looking for he easiest targets and they go after them," said Sgt. Mark Hudson with the Fresno Police Department.

He says protecting yourself is as easy as pushing a couple buttons.

Make sure your doors are locked and your windows are closed.

"It's certainly something to be cautious of, be mindful of your property, don't put your property in plain view, keep it with you. {}Or if you're at a gas pump, leave that door locked where you have your stuff," said Sgt. Hudson.

Fresno police say they haven't seen the "car sliders" trend reach Fresno...yet.

But they anticipate this will end up happening here.

Right now, police say thieves appear to be targeting parked cars in parking lots and shopping areas.

Statistics from the police department show there are twice as many reported thefts in north Fresno than in south Fresno.