Caught on Camera: Amazing Flames From Wildfire In Mariposa

Fire fighters battling the Carstens Wildfire, north of Mariposa are gaining control.

Fire crews estimate the fire burned some 1,662 acres, and is now 55 percent contained.

However, fire fighters say that is a conservative number and will likely increase containment sometime Thursday morning.

In addition, 99 percent of evacuees are now back in their homes.

Meanwhile, one man who defied the evacuation orders captured some amazing video.

Gary "Bear" Vasquez says, "All of a sudden it just starts crowning and the smoke started. The flames were 400 feet tall."

You may recall Gary's video of the double rainbow became an internet sensation. He is now hoping others will enjoy his video of the flames on You-tube.

Bear wants others to know he does not recommend defying an evacuation order, but he was a Los Angeles County fire fighter for several years. He adds during the winter, he created a large firebreak around his property and felt safe.

He and others on the mountain want to thank all the fire fighters who are helping to put out the flames.