Cary Tanner, M.D.

Cary Tanner was born in Los Angeles and went to high school at Long Beach Poly. Like his father Ray and his cousin Sam, he raced motorcycles professionally. He now races stock cars (but prefers motorcycles). He understands fractures very, very well.

He completed medical school and orthopedic residency at Stanford University. Beyond this, he has completed 3 fellowships: an NIH postdoctoral research fellowship in oncology, a hand and microvascular surgery fellowship at Duke University, and a spine surgery fellowship at Stanford.

He has held only two jobs. He worked in machine shops from his early teens through medical school at Stanford University's engineering machine shop, and as that of an M.D.. He has eight research publications in national journals, and two research awards. He coordinates a regional orthopedic surgery outcome center. Along with research studies underway at the center, he has research projects with the graduate school of Physical Therapy at Fresno State University.

He is married to Regina, an attorney and registered nurse with a master's degree in oncology.

Dr. Tanner's practice addresses disorders of the hand, forearm and elbow, as well as reconstructive microvascular and peripheral nerve surgery. Appointments may be scheduled at the Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Center, 1630 East Herndon, Fresno, California or by phone at 559.256.1086.