Mariposa Wildfire Keeps Growing: Less Than Half Contained

The Carstens Fire in Mariposa has burned{}up to 1887 acres. By Tuesday, firefighters estimated that it is 40 percent contained

Firefighters expect the fire to be 100 percent contained by June 24.

As of 8 p.m. Tuesday night, the residents of Lush Meadows were being allowed back into their homes. Other communities are expected to be allowed in the next few days.

Firefighters say it could be a while because so much fire equipment is still on the mountain and it is too dangerous to allow the public.

The fire was ignited Sunday by a campfire that was left unattended in the Plumbar Creek area in Clarks Valley. An official investigation is underway to determine who started the fire.

Road closures remain in effect until further notice.

A total of 500 homes and structures were threatened, but zero were lost.

Many in the area are grateful for the hard work of the more than 2,200 firefighters who were called on to contain the fire.