Carjacker Shoots at Woman Then Crashes Into Tree

Witnesses say it looked like a scene out of a movie. A suspected carjacker leads police on a chase and then slams into a tree.

Around 7 o'clock Friday night a Fresno woman was shot at while, she was carjacked at a market near the corner of Blackstone and Illinois.

Within seconds, officers spotted the car and chased it.

During that chase, a Fresno police car hit another vehicle at First and Belmont Streets. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Seconds later, the man they were chasing lost control and slammed into a tree near the corner of First and Nevada.

Police say the suspected carjacker, 29-year-old Isaac Sanders of Fresno was rushed to the hospital.

Nearby resident, Jesus Ochoa heard the crash, "I live like a half a block away and it was pretty loud. I heard like a bang, it was pretty loud."

Police say Sanders is on probation for a previous crime.

Witnesses say the suspect was traveling south on First Street, on the wrong side of the road, he lost control and slammed sideways into a tree.

Police say the 29-year-old suspected carjacker could have killed someone.

Lt. David Newton says, "This suspect has no regard for people. He victimized a woman took her vehicle, unfortunately he totaled her vehicle. I do not know if she had insurance. It was a very violent crime."

Fresno police say 29-year-old Isaac Sanders of Fresno remains in serious condition and faces a variety of charges.